Area Picture Maps for Hillcrest

I (lindawing) made this world for Wendy (and for us, her loving friends) shortly before she passed away. She got to see it, but never got to play it. The world only contains subway lots, but there is a space for every Sims 3 lot that Wendy had on her website (all of which can be downloaded here, in the Sims Real Estate forum), and also space for the tribute lots we created for Wendy before she passed away. This is a public forum.

Area Picture Maps for Hillcrest

Postby lindawing » May 4th, 2014, 7:00 am

The world comes with only the subways embedded in it. Two of them are subway stations that Wendy made for our TS3 Monopoly Board. The other eight are ones I made expressly for Hillcrest, to keep the transit time down, since the world is so large and there are so many roads, with only one of the roads carrying traffic up to The Heights. I didn't think to start taking the pictures in the completely empty world. So you can see pictures of the lots that I had already added to the world before I began making these maps. Sorry about that.

All pictures were taken looking "north" in the world (the subway names will guide you on that). I started at the NW corner, which is Heart Corner, and proceeded clockwise (never turning the map).

Most of the lots listed on these map sections can be found in one or the other of these areas:
The Sims Real Estate-Sims 3
Community Lots I've Created for Hillcrest
Halloween Collections

There are a few areas where I added extra named lots just to fill out a series that had some gaps in it (lots that Wendy had intended to fill in later, that never got done). Those are good places to try your own hand at building tributes to Wendy's style.

There are some named Community Lots shown on the pictures that have no existing lots (for instance, Hillcrest Salon, and other good locations for rabbit holes). Those are for you to build out. The placeholders are labeled for your convenience. Wendy actually made very few TS3 Community Lots, and I never had the time to create all the rabbit hole lots that I had planned. I'll try to make some more of them when I can, and add them to the area where I've already uploaded the Heights Community Hub lots (see above). Also, if you create any of those lots for your own game, please feel free to post them here, in replies to this post.

There are many other Empty Community Lots, as you'll see on the maps. Anyone creating lots to fill those places should feel free to post them here, also. Eventually, if we collect enough of them, I'll create separate sections for them.

I spent a lot of time deciding on the different locations for the differently-named lots, in Hillcrest. I tried very hard to create areas completely suitable for the different names. I even looked up the definitions of "lane," "way," "close," "street," "drive," "avenue," and "road," so that I could try to organize things correctly. Then I did my best to place the lots in the correct areas, so that their names are appropriate.

LANE = a narrow way or passage between hedges, fences, walls, or houses
WAY = a means or line of passage, such as a path or track
CLOSE = an enclosed place or enclosure, especially one about or beside a cathedral or other building,
or any piece of land held as private property
STREET = a public thoroughfare, usually paved, in a village, town, or city, including the sidewalk or sidewalks
DRIVE = a road for vehicles, especially a private road leading to a house
AVENUE = (chiefly the British definition) a suburban, usually tree-lined residential street
ROAD = a long, narrow stretch with a smoothed or paved surface, made for traveling by motor vehicle, carriage, etc.,
between two or more points

Also, I put all of the lots with names that indicate water of some sort, in River Corner.

The Heights
Hillcrest-Heights-CommunityHub.jpg (218.91 KiB) Viewed 496 times

NOTE: In the Hillview Lane area, you'll find that 9 Hillview Lane isn't listed. I found that lot after making Hillcrest. There is a 30x20 Community Lot where #9 should be. Just change the type of lot to Residential and add 9 Hillview Lane, and you're good to go.
Hillcrest-Heights-North.jpg (389.34 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Hillcrest-Heights-South.jpg (371.75 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Heart Corner
Hillcrest-HeartCorner.jpg (146.55 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Between Heart Corner and Farm Corner
Hillcrest-BetweenHeartCornerAndFarmCorner.jpg (152.37 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Farm Corner
In this corner, you'll find 5 Juniper Ridge, and Juniper Ridge 05. They are two different lots--JR05 is the one that originally worked correctly in TMON (I've corrected it and uploaded it to work correctly in Hillcrest, HERE. 5JR is slightly larger, flattened, and has a fenced around it. Wendy fixed that one to work in other worlds besides TMON. I put them both in Farm Corner. Also in this corner, you'll find 4 Cinnamon Heights, though Cinnamon Heights 01 and Cinnamon Heights 04 are listed in the space between Heart Corner and Farm Corner. Once again, 4 Cinnamon Heights is a slightly different lot than Cinnamon Heights 04. On the picture map below, you'll see a lot named Hawthorne. That's incorrect. The lot is actually named Hawthorns.
Hillcrest-FarmCorner.jpg (290.37 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Between Farm Corner and River Corner
Hillcrest-Between FarmCornerAndRiverCorner.jpg
Hillcrest-Between FarmCornerAndRiverCorner.jpg (154.24 KiB) Viewed 496 times

River Corner
River Corner contains a placeholder for a Wendy's Way Residential Lot that never got created, and one of the 30x30 Empty Community Lots has a placeholder tag of "Kat's Tribute. That lot turned out to be "Hillcrest Haven," which can be found in the Tribute Lots forum. Creekside Gym's placeholder is tagged as a TRIBUTE lot, which it actually is not. Wendy created the gym. I just mis-tagged the placeholder.
Hillcrest-RiverCorner.jpg (378.07 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Between River Corner and Cherry Tree Corner
Hillcrest-BetweenRiverCornerAndCherryTreeCorner.jpg (61.28 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Cherry Tree Corner
The Hospital and the Science Lab aren't showing placed lots in this picture, because I had forgotten to add them, even though I had intended to. They are actually lots that Wendy built, and they can be found in the TSRE-TS3 section/Community Lots. In that section you'll only find 1 Cherry Tree Close, 4 Cherry Tree Close, and 1 Cherry Tree Lane. Wendy had been working on the other lots to go with those, when the brain cancer took over. We have 3 Cherry Tree Close as one of her last lots, that is available only to registered members. She never completed the others.
Hillcrest-CherryTreeCorner.jpg (211.74 KiB) Viewed 496 times

Between Cherry Tree Corner and Heart Corner
Hillcrest-BetweenCherryTreeCornerAndHeartCorner.jpg (139.25 KiB) Viewed 496 times
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