Repairs and alterations made to Wendy's lots for Hope Spring

The town of Hope Springs is located along the coastline and is nestled amidst a mountain range. Its residents value beauty and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, including spending time with family, friends, and nature. Peace, joy, hope, love, and tranquility reign here. Attracted by all the many flowers surrounding the homes, many butterflies also make their homes here. (Dedicated to Hillcrest 1414). This is a public forum.

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Repairs and alterations made to Wendy's lots for Hope Spring

Postby Meadow9259 » February 28th, 2014, 9:37 am

Some of the repairs and alterations to these lots will also work with other worlds, some won't. Things like fixes for missing terrain paints and broken lights should work with all worlds. Things like adjustments for shifted terrain paints are world specific. In all cases, I am doing my best to try to keep the lots as close to the way Wendy originally made them as humanly possible and as the game mechanics will allow.

All of these lots have been modified via an install that has all EPs and SPs up to and including Pets installed, and thus all require game version 1.26 or higher, regardless of the original lot's requirements. If the name of the lot isn't clickable, the repairs/alterations are in progress, but haven't been finished yet.

Homes with street addresses:

Homes without street addresses:

Community lots:

Mayflower Children's Garden - Replaced broken lights
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