The Daily Villager--My Very Own Challenge to You

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The Daily Villager--My Very Own Challenge to You

Postby lindawing » February 13th, 2014, 1:28 pm

The Daily Villager
by Linda Wingfield

Use this seed to create a new map (this seed is from game version 1.7.4)::

Set your game to Survival before you allow the terrain to be generated. Also turn on both the cheats and the bonus chest.

When you spawn, you'll see a village just across a lush meadow.

If your game isn't already set to Easy, as soon as you spawn, use the "/difficulty easy" command. You must play this challenge on at least Easy.

DAY 1...

After you've made sure the game is on Easy, quickly locate your bonus chest and loot it. Make sure you take the chest and torches with you, as well.

Run to the village, and make note of the coordinates inside any house within the village that is safe for teleporting. You will need those every once in a while, and you don't want to get lost, as the villagers play a big part in this challenge.

Once you have the village coords, get yourself away from there, diagonally, at least 256 blocks! You'll have to run or walk to get there, so leave as soon as possible. Your objective at this time, is to not start a zombie siege on the poor villagers, since you haven't had time to protect their village yet.

Protect YOURSELF, by making a safe house for the night after you've gotten 256 blocks away (any direction you want to go) from both of your village X and Z coordinates. If you've managed to pick up some wool along the way, you may make your bed and lie in it. Just remember not to go to sleep TOO soon, since you'll need resources for the next day, and as soon as you've slept, it IS that day!

Also, you may NOT want to sleep at all, since once you've slept in your bed, 256 blocks away from the village, that's where you're going to spawn, if you die. Since you can't go back to your village at night, if you've lost your stuff over there, you may not get it back! I'm just saying...

Oh, may want to write down the coords for your distance shelter, so you don't have to run back and forth any longer.

DAY 2...

As soon as it's daylight, get yourself over to the village. It's OK to teleport there (and back, in the evening), or you may walk or run...that's up to you. Time, however, is at a premium.

On this day (and every day after that, until this challenge is complete), you must, at some point during the day, trade with one villager. This means you must find one who has a trade you can complete in the one day!

You may want to make notes of the available trades, because some of these are going to be harder than others! I'd suggest while you're making those notes, to use ESC to pause your game, since time will be passing all too quickly!

If you still have time left in the day, after you've accomplished one trade, you must work on protecting the village.

Watch the daylight! You must not stay in the village once the sun has gone down, until it is entirely protected, so each evening you must get yourself back to your 256-blocks-away shelter before dark, so that the villagers will not be massacred while you are gone!

DAY 3 (and each day thereafter)...

Do your daily villager trade. You may not trade with the same villager two days in a row. You may go back to the same one with a day between, but never two days in a row. Also, you may never trade with more than one villager during a single day (except for the NOTE, below).

When you have finished your trading each day, work on protecting the village. At sunset, get out of there, for the good of the villagers.

Anything you need to do for your OWN needs must be done during the night, before you sleep. You may, of course, need to be mining for things like coal for torches, iron for tools, or stuff the villagers want in trade.

Keep on with this pattern until you've traded at least once with every villager in town, and the village is completely protected from marauders. Once the village is protected, if you still haven't traded at least once with every villager, you may move into town in order to make better use of your daylight hours.

NOTE: If you don't accomplish your one daily villager trade on any one day, you don't have to start completely over (unless you want to). If you'd rather keep on going, you must make TWO trades the following day. If you can't accomplish that, THEN you must start over (by re-inputting the seed and starting a new map). Learn from your mistakes, and get your timing down better the next time. If you've already established safe teleportation coordinates, that will save you some time for the arrival and first day. With that in mind, I would say to find your distance shelter where you don't have to dig down into the floor, so that your numbers can still be the same if you have to start over.

ANOTHER NOTE: I've experienced the fact that the villagers do NOT have the same trades if you have to start over! All else remains pretty much the same, but every time you have to quit and start over, you will have to re-evaluate the trading system, to see what is necessary. So it's best if you do NOT have to start over at any time, because that takes up precious time, also!
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