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Re: The Wild West Survival by ICrafting

Postby lindawing » February 21st, 2014, 6:59 am

I just discovered that I evidently got two completely different Wild West maps confused with each other, in my original topic and posts!

The one I've been using is this one, by ICrafting:

That's the direct download link, which does NOT go through the ad place.

You can read more about it here:

That's the place that I first saw it, and if you download it from there, watch out for the ad stuff that pops up. It eventually takes you to the link above, so I'd suggest going ahead and reading through the stuff at this link, but downloading from the first link, instead. BTW--this one has NO texture pack associated with it.

I really like this version! It's rather vast, but a lot of fun. There's a link for more pictures at the first link. That picture link is:

Again...this is the one I like. I've now downloaded the other one, too, though, and found that I do NOT like it! Some of you might, but to me, it's way too busy, and way too staged,'s just not like the other one. It makes my computer run hot, and it feels claustrophobic to me, plus too dark, and it has a lot of restrictions and full walls full of conversational instructions that you're expected to read, do, read, do, read, do...etc. Not my cup of tea.

However, if you want to take a look at it, here are the links for it. It was evidently created by TheDragster. I think it's a knock-off on the other one...could actually have been done over after he played the other one.

If you go for that one, go for the new one with the horses, and if you want to get the texture pack, you can. It does have some fun graphics in the clock in the main picture that you can see at that site (which doesn't exist in the other map).

So there you go.

Take your pick or do both (or neither). I'm sticking with the first one. ;-)

I've retyped the Rules and Challenges ICrafting displayed on the website, and added a few challenges of my own.


1) Play on any difficulty--including Peaceful.
2) No cheating.


1) Tame a horse.
2) Spend four days at the hotel.
3) Find the lost gold mine.
4) Buy goods from the traders.
5) Try the "Blue Beer Light."
6) Build your own house and farm, as follows:
*Build a red barn, using red wool.
*Build a stable.
*Make a 20x20 wheat farm.
*Make a 20x20 carrot farm.
*Make a 20x20 potato farm.
*Make a melon and pumpkin farm.
*Make a garden from at least 30 grass blocks, and plant jungle trees.
7) Expand the town with three more western-style buildings of your choice.
8) Do some TNT mining at the hills.
9) Find the two abandoned huts.
10) Tame four dogs.
11) Make a huge pasture from at least 50 grass blocks.
12) Make an automatic sugar cane farm.
13) Make full diamond armor.
14) Make a jukebox.
15) Find the lost mineshaft.
16) Build a small cottage near one of the mountains.
17) Found a new town.

Some Extra Challenges I've Added to My Game:

1) Protect the town, as you would do for any regular village, so that the villagers don't disappear. They have unique trades, that go with the theme of the town, that will stand you in good stead.
2) Fix up any areas on any of the buildings, that aren't safe, or that are impractical or missing parts.
3) Somewhere in town, build a statue using every color of either wool or hardened clay, or both. You should be able to make enough dye from the natural surroundings, that you can do this.
4) Figure out how to get some of the tradesmen from the original town, to your new town, and get them to mate (it can be done without cheats or being in Creative).
5) Make a cocoa bean farm.

I encourage you to come up with some other goals that can be shared with the others here, as well.
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