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Linda's Place

Postby lindawing » October 16th, 2018, 9:22 am

I have made an add-on domain for my personal use, that contains a brand new Blogsite. Because NSC has become basically inactive over the last several years, I've had to make the decision at the end of each year as to whether or not I would keep the forum alive.

Even though not many regular members ever check in her very often, we do keep in touch on a special group on Facebook, and now my own site is available for discussions other than our gaming fun.

It is October 16, 2018 as I write this, and I have decided that at least for this next year, Neighborly SimsCraft will remain open, since we actually still get quite a few downloaders monthly, for the older files we carry, for TS2 and TS3, mainly.

There has been no open registration for the boards for years, now, due to the awful SPAM that results, no matter what you do when you allow it. Now there will be NO new registrations allowed. Guests may always read all public forums (any private ones aren't even visible to guests), but all downloads that are posted in our many public forums are still open for download by anyone. That hasn't, and won't, change, unless we do decide in the future, to stop running NSC. For all of 2019, at least, it is safe from closure. :joy:

Existing members may still post here. The only thing that has changed for members, is that I closed the CHAT panel.

Any questions about anything at NSC can be e-mailed to me at:

Or I can be contacted on Facebook:
Linda Wingfield

My new Blog (Linda's Place) is located at:

Anyone may register to comment (become a Subscriber) there. You have to publish at least one comment before your registration is approved for commenting without approval. I check for new registrations a couple of times a day, so it shouldn't take too long after you comment the first time, to get approved. If you register but don't comment, and I don't know who you are, I will probably delete your membership.

I'm adding subjects to the Blog daily, and there are entries by family members and friends, as well. :uhhuh:

See you around the internet! ;-)
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