Information about the Game

This is a public forum. I've been playing The Blockheads since mid-2016. It was originally an iPhone game (also for the iPad and iPod Touch). It also was ported to Android, which is where I play it. Recently I discovered BlueStacks--an Android emulator for Windows, and am now playing the game on my PC, as well. This has made it possible for me to use the same recording software I use for my other YouTube videos, to create videos about The Blockheads, as well.

Information about the Game

Postby lindawing » May 10th, 2017, 11:49 am

I started playing The Blockheads in mid-2016, on my Android phone (the original version runs on the iPhone, iPad, or IPod Touch). One of the things I've always liked about it is that you can zoom in and see things a little easier, then zoom back out when you want to travel longer distances. I have it on my Kindle Fire, also, but the Amazon version won't let me watch the ad videos that help me get extra Time Crystals, so I mostly play it on my phone.

Recently, I discovered BlueStacks 2, which is an Android emulator that runs anything you can download from the Google Play Store, on your Windows PC. Nice! For my older eyes, this is great, and it runs perfectly on my Windows 7 machine, and I can use my Action! recording software with it very easily, so here we are!

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The Blockheads, by David Frampton of Majic Jungle Software (Official Website)...

For iPhone, IPad, or IPod Touch: iTunes (The Blockheads Page)... ... 96406?mt=8

For Android: Noodlecake Studios, Inc. (The Blockheads Page)...

BlueStacks (Android Emulator for Windows)...

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The Blockheads (Video Policy)...
"It's fantastic to see players making videos of The blockheads and we want to encourage you to make any content you like with recorded in-game footage, and monetize it any way you can. So you have full permission to post and monetize videos containing any recorded in-game content from The Blockheads."

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Links to videos I create using the game, can be found here:
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