Cole Larue (for Minimal Living)

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Cole Larue (for Minimal Living)

Postby lindawing » July 14th, 2018, 3:23 am

I needed another new Sim to move into another new home. :-) Once again, I went to the Bin to find a likely Sim whom I could tweak to get one I wanted. this case, the guy I chose turned out to be ANOTHER alien, which I didn't want, so I added a random Sim, then deleted the Alien. Then I randomized the newly-existing Sim until I hit one who looked like a good bet. I didn't name him until I was done tweaking him, and then I looked up his name, just before moving him into "Minimal Living."

Cole Larue is a young adult who enjoys collecting things, especially those connected with outdoor living. An all-around good guy, he really enjoys things like family gatherings. With a first name meaning "Victory of the People" and a last name meaning "Someone Who Lives by a Road," he is perfect for a rural home like "Minmal Living."

MinimalLiving-ColeLarue.png (2.27 MiB) Viewed 44 times

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Cole can be downloaded at the Gallery (lindawing).

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Check out this post...
for information about Cole's home (Minimal Living).
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