How to Clone a CaW World (Removing WPID)

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How to Clone a CaW World (Removing WPID)

Postby lindawing » April 30th, 2014, 7:47 pm

If you upload a world to the Exchange, you will never be able to upload a corrected or otherwise changed version, and you won't be able to put both the original and the changed version into your game, either. This is because the game doesn't recognize the NAME of the world, it recognizes an internal code called the "WPID."

It's very easy, once you know that, to clone a world and then either upload the clone or use it in your game at the same time as the original.

(1) DOWNLOAD s3pe (Sims 3 Package Editor).

(2) Install s3pe, but don't open it.

(3) Go into CaW and choose which world you want to clone. In this picture, I selected Xmas Treasure island.
ListOfWorldsInCaW.JPG (160.15 KiB) Viewed 748 times

(4) Use the "Save As" function, and choose whatever name you wanted. In my instance, I chose Winter Island. Allow the file to save, and click OK.

(5) Quit CaW.

(6) Open s3pe. Using the File menu, choose Open, and go to: My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 Create a World Tool/UserToolData/Worlds. Select the copied world that you just saved.

(7) When the list of files in your chosen world comes up, click the "Tag" tab twice, to put the "Ws" up on top.
ListOfWorldFilesIns3pe.JPG (290.53 KiB) Viewed 748 times

Right click on the line that contains "WPID" and choose "Deleted." Then, under the File menu, click SAVE.

(8) Close s3pe and open CaW.

(9) In CaW, open up your cloned world and change your world description as needed.

(10) Develop the world as usual, then Export when you're ready.

NOTE: If you want the world to have the same name as before, but still be able to install even if the original is installed, you can do that. You should keep your original file, but make a copy of it (all three CaW parts). Move your original file to a safe place.

Then proceed with steps 5-10 (or 6-10 if you're not in CaW at this point).
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