Happy Birthday, DragnFeathers, from Grandma's Gone Gaming

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Happy Birthday, DragnFeathers, from Grandma's Gone Gaming

Postby lindawing » January 13th, 2019, 5:47 am

For Your Birthday!

(2.18 KiB) Downloaded 7 times

Just click on the link above, to download a Minecraft Structure file. Unzip the file to your desktop or wherever you like. Then put the entire "generated" file folder into your game (I'm assuming you know where your game files are kept). The "generated" file folder goes directly inside any saved game folder. If you already have a structures folder in any particular save file, you can just open up the "generated" file folder and go down and take out the structure file itself and copy it into your existing structures folder.

Once you open up the game, you will need to go into Creative, give yourself a structure_block.

Place it down somewhere with about a dozen or so blocks where a small village house can be placed (the structure will replace existing blocks if the space isn't clear already), then go to the LOAD screen, and type the following into the structure name box:


Then hit the LOAD button.

The guides will appear, showing you where the house will be placed. You can change the direction if you don't want it to place inside those guides. Then hit LOAD again, and voila!

You'll have a little Savanna-style vacation home with some gifts inside. :joy:

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