Jungle Adventure

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Postby PattyHeart » June 11th, 2018, 10:20 pm

Teen Patricia's first 4 day jungle visit has come to an end. She rented Hillview Hideaway for a total of 912 simoleons (Sunny Aspect & Creepy Crawlies!). Patricia was pleased to find a cozy, cheerful and nicely furnished cabin. She arrived late in the evening in need of food, a shower and sleep. Being awakened by pesky Plasma Bats was most annoying! However, they were otherwise harmless.
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Dressed For Adventure
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Upon arrival Patricia was gifted a machete and a can of spider repellent.

Early the next morning, unable to find her way to the market, our girl hiked out to the Bellamesa Trail Head where she found small picnic area, outhouse. an information sign and stone entry arch overgrown with a barrier of thick vines. It took a good while (she arrived with no skills!) to hack them down with the gifted machete. It was disappointing to be unable to simply go on through.
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Patricia was presented with a silly pop up game where choices must be made. Something to do with odd critters and bees. She choose to wait and see which brought up a pop up card saying she was being attacked by bees. Well, seeing how they did no actual harm these could not have been real bees!

By now her tummy was beginning to rumble reminding her that she had not thought to pack a sack lunch! So, she took only a short hike up to a suspended foot bridge offering a splendid view of a magnificent waterfall. Having no supplies at all ( and wary of what she might come across while alone) Patricia returned to the trailhead and traveled back to her lodging.
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She did discover that visiting the market required traveling to the bar (Cantina). (A bar? She was hesitant as this did not seen a proper place for a teen to visit!) At the small, nearby open market Patricia found a few useful supplies along with a doll said to be hand crafted by a local artist. (2 days later she was able to buy preserved trail food)

The museum shown as on the map appeared to be quite impressive turned out to be quite a let down. She found several items to look at along with a working archeology table and painting easel. There were also a few dig spots along with a harvestable avocado tree. This and the market were good places to socialize.

One evening Patricia found both a picnic look out with a lovely lake view and a fishing spot not far from the cabin.
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She found being there alone to be quite lonely leading to a need to call the Sadness Hotline 2 or 3 times.

Owing to her interest in archeology our girl plans to return when she is better prepared. A few visits to the gym should help. She did purchase a good supply of items such as spider repellent, bat traps and such at the market.

She was disappointed to not find more to be doing this time. Perhaps her next visit will be more interesting. Oh well, it is a pretty place to look at.
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Re: Jungle Adventure

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