Strangetown Challenge...

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Strangetown Challenge...

Postby MamaLambNC » May 24th, 2014, 3:02 am

In order to do some of the things in this one, you'll need to use cheats. but I figure by now everybody is used to using cheats in Sims 2 & it's no big deal.... however you play, just....HAVE FUN!!!


Starting off:
1. Get Bella Goth (the fake) She should be in Strangetown somewhere....wandering the streets in a daze.... :ohno:
2. Move your character in the Grunt family to start level 1.

LVL 1 - The Military Men
Move in with the Grunt family
1. Change Bella’s name to Della; Ripp calls Ophelia for Lyla’s tombstone.
2. Get a job.
3. Meet future husband (Mr. Bigg?)
4. Get Tank job with military
5. Get Ripp job in music & buy him a guitar.
6. Move General upstairs & redecorate downstairs bedroom as Della’s. ($10,000)
7. Get promotion.
8. Make friends with entire family.
9. Give new house. (Redecorate Grunt house)
10. Move out.

Note: Don’t worry; you will get ALL money back at the end of the challenge!
LVL 2 - The Far-out Aliens
- move into the Smith family

1. Get college scholarship & send Johnny to college.
2. Redecorate a room for Della’s bedroom ($10,000)
3. Get a promotion.
4. Make friends with entire family.
5. Change family LTW’s to match jobs;
6. Let Pollination Technician #9 play golf.
7. Throw a swimming party.
8. Max out cooking skill
9. Give new house (Redecorate Smith house)
10. Move out
LVL 3 - The Breeding Family
- move into the Curious family

1. Allow Vidcund to be abducted by aliens.
2. Pascal has his baby Plutonic.
3. Redecorate enough to get a bedroom for Della. ($10,000)
4. Become friends with entire family
5. Change family LTW’s to match jobs.
6. Get a promotion.
7. Vidcund has Venus.
8. Lazlo marries Crystal Vu.
9. Give new house. (Redecorate Curious house)
10. Move out
LVL 4 – A Ghost Story
-move in with the Specter family

1. Move Ophelia in with Olive & redecorate Ophelia’s bedroom as Della’s ($10,000)
2. Make friends with entire family.
3. Get a promotion.
4. Change family LTW’s to match jobs.
5. Let Olive reach top of career & retire.
6. Send Ophelia to college.
7. Get a promotion.
8. Get engaged.
9. Give new house. (Redecorate Specter house)
10. Move out

LVL 5 - The Experiment House
-move in with the Beaker family

1. Change family LTW’s to match jobs.
2. Redecorate upstairs bedroom for Della ($10,000)
3. Make friends with entire family.
4. Give Nervous Subject a make-over.
5. Get Nervous Subject job in Death (found at MTS) career field.
6. Move Nervous out.
7. Get promotion
8. Get promotion
9. Give new house (Redecorate Beaker house)
10. Move out

LVL 6 – The Perfect Life-- YOURS!!!
-move into an empty lot (*you will build your own house but first you need get $50,000 that you earned*)

1. Reach the top of your Career.
2. Throw wedding party
3. Get married.
4. Have baby.
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Re: Strangetown Challenge...

Postby lindawing » May 24th, 2014, 3:04 am

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