Castle Greystone

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Castle Greystone

Postby MamaLambNC » May 7th, 2014, 2:01 am

This is my first ever castle which I largely copied off of Linda. (Thank you for ALL the help!) It is basically unfurnished. There is the ladder which goes down in the root cellar that you can get at: if you want it. I suppose you could just use stairs also, if you don't want the ladder. Then, there's the cannons & flags up on top of the castle that I just couldn't resist.If you'd like them you can get them at: &

Oh! one other sure & use Sims Clean Installer because I do have a default replacement trash can (A barrel full of trash). But if you don't want it in your game, be sure & uncheck it in clean installer.

In the main hall is a place for His & Her Majesty's thrones with a path roped off leading up to it. On the second floor, I've got a section for the bedrooms for the King, Queen & their children but again, feel free to change anything. It's pretty bare. I think I've got stairs to reach every floor but you may have to put in some doors & windows & etc. Also, I did no gardening or decorating outside. I hope you can use it in your medieval neighborhood. I can't wait to get it all decorated & situated for the King & his family to move into! Be sure & leave me a comment or two telling me what you think. Kind, constructive critiquing is always welcome...ENJOY!!

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Castle Greystone
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Castle Greystone
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Re: Castle Greystone

Postby lindawing » May 7th, 2014, 5:44 am

Went to the two links and picked up the whole collection! Got the castle! Gotta see what you did with our one-turret beginning! Thanks, Patty!
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