Camp Small Wash Room--CORRECTED

Camp Small Wash Room--CORRECTED

Postby lindawing » March 26th, 2014, 9:25 am

When I created the two Camp Small Wash Rooms, I didn't play test the chess tables! I used "moveobjects on" to place them under the windows on the little porch (the door was too close), and I thought they would work, but there isn't, evidently, enough room for the chairs to be pulled out from that placement. Sigh.

So I've corrected that, and put the chess table down on the ground right next to the porch. Because the washroom lot up in the admin area of the camp is not QUITE flat, I had to put the chess table slightly to the right of where I wanted to, but it now either that place OR the spot over by the cabins.

I'm uploading both packages, because the MAIN wash room has a little piece of fence along one side, that the other one does NOT--due to the way the admin buildings are placed in their little group. You could just use that one over by the cabins, but it looks a little strange to me, so I've uploaded the one WITHOUT the fence, as well.

All you need to do to use these in Small World, is just delete the two existing ones, and plop these two down in their places. If you don't want to change them out, just move the chess table. WINK

Of course, they may be used in ANY world, by adding them to any 10x10 or larger lot, and renaming them at will.

The first photo shows the corrected placement of the chess table, which is the same in both versions (this is the ALT version). The second photo is taken from another angle, to show the fence in the camp's admin area. The fence is part of the Wash Room lot...not the world layout (this is the MAIN version).

WashRoom-Corrected-01.jpg (143.92 KiB) Viewed 504 times

WashRoom-Corrected-02.jpg (126.7 KiB) Viewed 504 times

NOTE: I play my game (which includes building), with all EPs and SPs to date in place (you can always figure that with my lots and worlds). You MUST have Ambitions, at least, in order for these lots to work, since they involve both a washing machine and a dryer. There is no CC in either of these files. The lot is tagged as a HANGOUT (also from Ambitions), so that the Sims LOVE to go there!
Camp Small Wash Room-Main.Sims3Pack
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Camp Small Wash Room-Alt.Sims3Pack
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