The Broke/Walker Clan

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The Broke/Walker Clan

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Brandi Broke sat in the little dinky trailer waiting for Dustin to get home from school. She intended to have a heart to heart talk with that boy tonight. And nothing was going to put her off. They may have to live in the white trailer trash area of town but that did NOT mean they were going to become white trailer trash! The first order of business was to get him away from the job he was doing. A pickpocket, for sure! Her son was not going to become a common criminal! Skip and she both had bigger plans for him than that.

At the thought of Skip, she teared up. He had only been gone a few months. He didn’t even know that they were expecting another baby when he died. She glanced in the bedroom that Dustin and Beau shared. Good, Beau was still napping. That little guy could sure be a handful. She felt the new life stir with-in her and wondered what she was carrying this time. Would it be another boy or would she finally get that girl they had both been wanting? Well, in a few more months she’d know.

As Dustin got off of the bus, his girlfriend Angela Pleasant waved at her sister to let her know to tell their mom where she was and followed Dustin. They went into the trailer and Dustin’s mom was waiting. “Angela honey, would you mind changing Beau’s diaper and playing with him outside for a few minutes while I talk something over with Dustin?” “Not at all Mrs. Broke,” said Angela giving Dustin a sympathetic look. In reality she didn’t blame his mom for what they both knew was coming. He didn’t need to be running around with the characters that he was. And if it continued, Angela’s dad had already said he would step in and break them up because he didn’t want his daughter around people like that. When Angela had told Dustin that, he agreed to sit down and talk to his mom.

“Come on Beau, let’s get them wet pants off of you little man and then we’ll go outside and play okay?” Beau smiled at Angela and held his arms up for her to take him out of the crib. In no time at all, they were outside in the backyard playing with a ball.

“Okay Dustin, first things first, this job has got to go.” “You will no longer be going out all hours of the night and doing God only knows what.” “So, go to the phone right now and call whoever you have to in order to quit!” Dustin sighed as he walked over to the phone and dialed Gordon’s number. He told him he had found something that paid better and needed to quit. Apparently it was no skin off Gordon’s nose because he said, “Sure kid, whatever” and hung up.”

“Now the next thing is your grades.” “They aren’t that low but I know you can do better.” “We’re going to do your homework together tonight and I’m going to show you how to study.” “Before you know it, you’ll be bringing home straight A’s!” Well, that sounded good to Dustin. Angela got straight A’s and she hardly ever studied. She said her mom had helped her and her sister learn how to study. Lilith was even making B’s and she had been making D’s! They sat at the table and Brandi started helping Dustin. He got stuck once and glanced out the window at Angela playing with Beau. “Come on Dustin, buckle down,” he muttered to himself. “You can do this!” Before to much longer he had it done and had figured out how to work out the problems much easier. “Thank you so much Mom,” he said as he gave her a hug and a kiss.

“Dustin, you’re a good boy and you’re going to go far in your life.” “You just need some guidance.” “And Mom’s going to give it to you.” “The time for mourning is over.” “We have to make a life for ourselves.” “I’m going to be leaning on you a lot.” “Now what kind of a job would you really like?” “Well, in the light of the job I just had, this is total opposite but I’ve always had a secret desire to be a policeman.” “Well, see if there are any openings,” Brandi smiled as she shoved him towards the newspaper. He looked through the want-adds almost fearfully. No! It couldn’t be. Right there was an opening for a teen-ager boy as a Crossing Guard. He ran over and dialed the number. The lady told him the carpool would pick him up at 2:00 the next day. As he thanked her and hung up the phone, he felt like his life was turning around.


Brandi had spent the last few months teaching Beau to walk, talk, and sing nursery rhymes. Now they were trying to get potty training conquered. Beau was catching on so quickly. As Brandi was sitting trying to quiet the little one within her, Beau came in and said, “Mommy I pottied in the toilet! Brandi was so happy. Now he was well on his way to becoming a big boy that could go to school. And it wasn’t a day too soon as she felt the first pangs of labor start to hit her.

She put him in his room with his toys and she went into her room and tried to stifle the screams as her new little one made its way into the world. Dustin had gone over to spend the day with Angela and her family. They were having a BBQ and had invited him. As the last contraction hit Brandi she grabbed the baby and saw that she had been blessed with another little boy. Skip’s son…it would only be right to name him Skippy. She had placed Beau’s old crib in her bedroom so after feeding Skippy, she gently lay him in the crib and made her way to her bed. She could hear Beau playing happily in his room. She only needed a few minutes to rest.

Brandi awoke to a dark room and a baby crying! She jumped up. Where was Beau? Oh no! She had fallen asleep. She could hear the TV & Dustin talking. He must have come home while she was resting. When she carried Skippy out to the kitchen to feed him she saw Dustin and Angela sitting on the couch watching TV. Dustin told her that he gave Beau a bath and put him to bed. She thanked him and let him and Angela hold his new little brother. As Angela fed him his bottle, she informed Brandi that they were going to have a new baby. Her mom had found out she was pregnant. Their maid had moved in so that she could help out more.

Brandi put Skippy back in the crib just as Beau came walking out of his room. Brandi asked him to come in the kitchen because she had a surprise for him. On the counter was a big birthday cake! She held Beau as he made a wish. Dustin and Angela cheered him on. He celebrated his birthday in a whirl of excitement. Money was tight but she had bought him some new clothes and a big toy box. He was as anxious to start school on Monday as he was to play with his toys. After they had cake and ice cream, Dustin walked Angela home while Brandi cleaned up the kitchen. By the time that Dustin got home again, it was time for everybody to go to bed.


A few months later...
Monday morning dawned bright and early. Once again Beau was up before anyone else. He had dressed, made his bed, and was patiently waiting for his breakfast when Brandi brought Skippy into the kitchen to feed him. After Skippy was put back to bed, she fixed pancakes for her two big hungry boys and found herself enjoying them also. As she started cleaning up, the school bus pulled up and Beau ran out the door. Dustin just shook his head. What was the rush? Oh well, Beau would find out soon enough.
As they got to school and Dustin was going to his first class, he saw Angela up ahead and waved. She smiled at him and stopped to wait. “I can’t come to your house after school today.” Oh, why not? Angela asked. “I’ve got to go to the station to talk to Officer Walker about the promotion.” “Something about telling him why I think I should get it or something.” Dustin had already been promoted from School Crossing Guard to Parking Lot Attendant and was now up for Security Guard.

The day went smooth and before he knew it, he was standing in front of Officer Walker’s desk. “Hello Dustin, how have you been?” “Fine sir, thank you,” Dustin replied. “I see here you’re up for another promotion.” “You have been doing an excellent job as a Parking Lot Attendant.” “In fact, you did an excellent job as a School Crossing Guard.” As they talked about the new position, Dustin explained why in his opinion he deserved to be promoted and how eager he was to fill the position. “It’s been a pleasure working with you.” “Since this is Monday, why don’t you take today off and start work tomorrow?” “That’s great!” said Dustin just a little too loud. “What I meant was, thank you sir.” “Well, if you’ll give me a couple of minutes to finish up this paperwork, I’ll give you a ride home since you’ve obviously missed your bus.” “Go on down and pick up your uniform and weapon and I’ll meet you at my car, say in about 30 minutes?” “I’ll be there sir.” “Oh and Dustin, you can call me Ray…I’m a fellow officer now.” “Yes sir!” “I mean, yes Ray.”

As they drove to Dustin’s home Ray asked him about his family. Dustin told him that he lived with his Mom and two brothers. He told him how his dad had died a little over a year ago and how hard it had been on the family. Ray nodded in sympathy. Dustin came in the trailer and introduced Brandi to Ray. “I’ve heard so much about you Ray.” “Dustin thinks the world of you.” “Well, we think he’s pretty great, also Mrs. Broke.” “Oh please call me Brandi, we’re all friends here.” “Won’t you stay for supper or do you need to get home to the wife and kids?” Ray blushed and said, “There is no wife and kids but I’d love to stay for supper!” “Wonderful!” “Dustin set another plate, Ray’s staying for supper.”

Dustin smiled to himself as he placed the silverware beside the plate. His plan was working perfectly. Brandi looked alive for the first time since his Dad had died. She needed to get out more. And maybe….just maybe Ray Walker was the ticket to get her out.
After supper Dustin volunteered to clean up the kitchen while Brandi was feeding Skippy. Ray was watching TV with Beau. As Brandi put Skippy to bed, Beau decided he needed to get to bed too. Dustin went into his room to relax and daydream about Angela. After the movie ended, Brandi walked Ray to his car. He asked her, “May I call you” “I’d love that Ray”, she smiled. He gently placed his lips on hers.

“What a sweet man”, she thought as she walked back into the trailer. As she went to sleep that night, she dreamed of Ray Walker and a better life.


Brandi & Ray had been dating off & on for the last few weeks. Brandi hadn’t felt this happy and carefree since Skip had been alive. Ray had phoned earlier & asked her out to dinner tonight. She was going to have to dress for the occasion because the restaurant that he mentioned was definitely a high end place. As she went through her wardrobe she could see that it wasn’t going to be a difficult job choosing. She only had one good dress but it was VERY nice & it brought out her best features or so everyone told her.

Angela & Dustin were going to baby-sit tonight. Beau & Skippy both just loved Angela & she seemed to enjoy both boys as well. And of course she enjoyed Dustin….they had been going steady for months now.

As Brandi put on her make-up, the doorbell rang. She heard the boys running to the door. “Hi guys,” Angela happily said. Then she heard what sounded like a kiss, to which caused both Beau & little Skippy to start making gagging noises & yelling for them to stop. Brandi smiled to herself as she could imagine what everyone was doing in the living room.

As she walked out of her bedroom, all eyes were on her. “Wow Mom!” “You look great,” exclaimed Dustin. “She sure does,” said Ray who must have come in while she was dressing. Shall we go, he asked holding out his arm to her. “Remember boys….mind Dustin & Angela & be in bed by 8:00 sharp!” They’ll be fine Mrs. Broke, said Angela. Don’t worry, just have a nice evening.

As they entered the restaurant, Brandi glanced around at the other women & then down at her own dress. “You look gorgeous Brandi,” Ray whispered in her ear.

As they sat in the candlelight enjoying their lobster, Brandi began to relax & appreciate the fine gentleman that was sitting across from her at the table. They talked about his job which was coming along just great. He had recently gotten another promotion & was steadily moving up the ladder. He asked her how the children were & she just couldn’t help bragging on all of them. She had so much to be happy about.

“Would you like to dance?” Ray asked holding his hand out to her. As they slowly danced holding each other close, they gazed into each other’s eyes & Brandi could have sworn that she saw pure love in Ray’s eyes. Had their relationship developed that far? She did a quick check as to how she felt about him…hmm; maybe it was love because her heart was definitely saying it loved him.

Back at their table, Brandi sat sipping champagne & feeling so comfortable. Ray, for some reason was looking just the opposite. All of a sudden he looked VERY nervous & was actually fidgeting in his seat. “Ray? Is something wrong?” “No, not at all,” he replied. “It’s just that…well, I er”…that is, what I mean to say is…”

Ray got up from his seat & came around & knelt in front of Brandi. “Brandi Broke, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” In his hand he held a black velvet ring box. As he opened it, the diamond lit up the room! Brandi’s breath caught in her throat & tears welled up in her eyes. “Yes! Oh Yes! I’d be honored to be your wife!” As they both stood & she threw herself in his arms she heard the band start playing their favorite song. She had met the man of her dreams & was going to spend the rest of her life with him!
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Re: The Broke/Walker Clan

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I love happy endings! Thanks, Patty!
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