The Goth Family...Take 2?

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The Goth Family...Take 2?

Postby MamaLambNC » February 14th, 2014, 12:19 am

“Oh my sweet Bella”, Mortimer sighed as he watched the paperboy drop off the paper. How many times had he done this same thing in the years since his lovely wife had disappeared?

Oh, there had been lots of rumors. There was one that said she was abducted by aliens…another that she was kidnapped by someone in town and held for ransom but that they killed her before asking for the ransom. Of course that was proven false very quickly. But the best one was that she was in a town several hundred miles away living under an assumed name and that she had no idea who she really was.

Now Mortimer hired private eyes and special detectives to check all of these stories out completely but the only one that came close was the story in Strangetown. The detective brought back a picture of the lady & for a brief moment Mortimer thought he had found his Bella but when he got on a plane and flew to Strangetown, he found she was only a lady that looked like Bella and that it definitely wasn’t his sweet wife. In fact, this lady said she had altered her looks through plastic surgery from a picture of a woman in the society section of the paper from Pleasantview. No one had to ask if Mortimer knew who the picture in the paper was of…it was his dear Bella.

As he turned from the window, the Grandfather clock in the foyer struck 10:00. Alexander would be home from school in a few hours. That gave him some time to sort out his feelings. Even though his heart screamed for Bella, he had begun to warm up to a certain blonde by the name of Dina Caliente. She was a beautiful woman and even though he had aged prematurely when Bella disappeared, he was still a man and was finding that Dina was very desirable to say the least. He had begun visiting her late at night and had invited her to spend the night with him several times. The only thing that made him hesitate was there were rumors here too. People were saying that Dina was a gold digger and didn’t love Mortimer at all but was only after the Goth fortune. Surely that couldn’t be true. But then again, she had married Bella’s brother Michael when he was an elder and it did seem that the inheritance that had been left to her from Michael disappeared pretty fast. Of course he could always have his lawyers draw up a pre-nuptial agreement for her to sign if things ever got to that stage. There were so many things to consider. Oh, why did his dear sweet Bella have to go? And where was she? Was she alive someplace or had she died? Would the hole in his heart ever mend?

As he walked through the house his thoughts drifted to other things. His daughter Cassandra’s wedding for one thing. That needed to be his first priority. It’s what Bella would have wanted. But for the life of him he just did not trust that Don Lothario. He looked and acted like a gigolo to Mortimer. But if he made Cassandra happy that’s all that mattered. There were rumors that he was just after the Goth fortune also. Was everyone in town after his family’s money?

Cassandra’s carpool pulled up right behind the school bus. As she climbed out of the car she hoped that her father had a better day. She was really beginning to worry about him and his obsession with her mother. Surely if she was alive, they would have heard something by now. Besides, she needed to start planning her wedding big time. Why just last night Don had ask when they were going to make it official. It wouldn’t do to keep a hunk like that waiting for long.

After supper that night, Alexander asked his Dad again if he’d heard any news of their Mother. In his heart he truly believed that she would come back some day. He could still remember her dark hair and big brown eyes. He always pictured her wearing that pretty red dress. Mortimer had hired a professional artist to come and paint a picture of Bella in that dress. Alexander secretly thought it was his father’s favorite dress too. As he went up the stairs to bed that night he said a silent prayer….”Please God, bring back my Mommy.”


Mortimer awoke to a noise in the middle of the night! Was it a burglar? There had been quite a few break-ins in the neighborhood lately. He’d gone so far as to invest in one of those new burglar alarms that all the stores were advertising. Of course it was supposed to be ear splitting….he only heard what sounded like someone on the front porch. Should he investigate? As he quietly got out of bed & quickly checked on the children to find both sleeping soundly, he heard it again! Yes, definitely it was somebody trying a key in the lock! Should he call the police?

He gripped the baseball bat a little tighter and quietly went down the stairs. As he tiptoed to the door, the knob slowly turned and it opened very quietly. Just as Mortimer was raising the bat to bash the daylights out of whoever was breaking in his house (Darn alarm system; they just lost him as a customer!), a hand reached in and flipped the light switch! As Mortimer was swinging the bat, Bella’s head popped through the door! Bella’s head???

“WHAT?” “Oh my God!” “Cassandra is right.” “I’ve started to hallucinate.”

Bella stepped into the room and looked at Mortimer and Mortimer slowly lowered the bat that he had almost taken that pretty head off with. He dropped it and stood there rubbing his eyes. Bella gazed at Mortimer with eyes that could only be said to speak volumes of love. “Yes Mortimer, it is me.” As he reached for her the tears spilled over and blurred his vision. “Bella, my sweet, sweet Bella.” “You’ve come back to me.”

They held each other and the questions were bouncing in his head so fast he couldn’t grasp them long enough to ask. Where have you been? How did you come back? Are you really real or is this a dream? It was like she could read his mind. “There’s time for all the questions later Mortimer dear, I’m very tired now.” “Can we go to bed?” He followed her up the stairs to their bedroom, all the while never taking his eyes off of her. She was back! His sweet Bella was back to stay!

As he took her into his arms he felt like time had stopped or maybe reversed. It was as if he was young again…not an elder but just an adult. They made love with a passion of earlier days and as he curled up with his arm around her, his last thought was, “Please God, if I’m dreaming….don’t ever let me wake up!”

As Mortimer woke up the next morning, he stretched and thought to himself, “What a wonderful dream”. If it could only happen like that. Well, here it was Saturday & he had promised Alexander that they would play ball today. But from the sounds of it either he or Cassandra had made themselves at home in his bathroom because he could hear the shower going. As he made his bed waiting for his turn at the shower, he thought back to the dream. It had seemed so real. He could almost still smell Bella’s perfume and if he licked his lips he could swear he could taste her kisses. The bathroom door opened and Mortimer almost fainted. There stood Bella in his bathrobe drying her hair with a towel! It wasn’t a dream…she was really home! After he had showered and they both were dressed, they went quietly downstairs and planned how they would surprise the children. Bella situated herself in the wingback chair so that she would be the first thing seen by anyone descending the stairs. Then when everything was perfect, Mortimer started yelling like crazy for the kids to come downstairs. “Cassandra!” “Alexander!” “Come quick, you’ve got to see this!” “Hurry!” He could hear them scrambling out of their rooms and starting down the stairs. As Alexander rounded the corner, he came to a dead stop. So fast in fact, that Cassandra almost ran into him. There stood Mortimer with his hands lightly laid on Bella’s shoulders and her sitting with her red dress on smiling. For a few seconds, everyone was speechless. Then Cassandra broke the silence…”Mom?” “Is it possible?” By this time, two things were happening. Bella had risen from the chair and was headed toward her children and Alexander had literally thrown himself through the air into her arms! “Mommy!” “Oh! I knew you’d come back!” For the next several hours they all spent hugging, kissing, crying, laughing, and trying to piece together what had happened. They all listened intently as Bella told her story of where she had been for the last several years…


It seems she had heard a rumor that Don Lothario was really a player. It was said that he was going with several women: the Caliente sisters, The Pleasants maid Kaylynn Langerak plus countless women from the downtown district. All while claiming to profess love for her daughter Cassandra. So, on the night of her disappearance, she went to confront Don. Of course he denied everything. But he did promise her that he would never hurt Cassandra. He convinced her that he loved her daughter more than life itself and as soon as he got a little further on in the medical field, he planned to ask Cassandra to marry him. Well, Bella left his condo to walk back home. She figured she’d keep an eye on him and reveal their conversation to Mortimer when she got home. As she got to a dark area of street, a car pulled up and a blonde man asked directions. As she leaned over to talk to him someone hit her over the head! When she awoke she was in some kind of castle. She was locked in an upstairs room and could hear screams coming from down below!

Over time she found out that she had been kidnapped by a husband and wife who ran experiments on live people. The screams had come from their current project; a poor soul who they referred to as Nervous Subject. They ran a few experiments on her but nothing to painful. Mostly they had her there to take care of Nervous while they went to work. She befriended him and tried to show acts of kindness to him by sneaking him food and extra water. She would also hold him in her arms the day after their worse experiments until he’d stop shaking. Well, just a few days ago, they were able to form a plan to escape. Bella slipped out a note to the paperboy & when their captors were reading the paper that evening, the Police showed up! Apparently Nervous had family in town so he went to live with them. They took Bella’s statement and let her go. Of course she would have to testify but that was months in the future. As soon as she left the Police station, she hopped on a plane and headed home! She caught a cab at the airport and came in last night.

Everyone was sitting looking at her with their mouths open! Bella experimented on and tortured? It was all Mortimer could do not to go into a rage! Cassandra and Alexander both had tears in their eyes.


Bella glanced sideways at Mortimer and caught her breath! His grey hair was now salt and pepper. When he stood to refill their tea glasses, it seemed he walked with a straighter and taller gait. What was happening here? Cassandra noticed it too and commented about his hair. “Did you use hair dye, Dad?” “No Cassandra, you know I don’t believe in that stuff.” “Well, then you better check out the mirror because something is definitely happening.”

Mortimer went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was a miracle! He looked almost like he did before Bella had disappeared and he felt so young! Where he had aged to an elder overnight when she disappeared, now that she was back, he was aging the other way! Amazing!

Well, since it seems I’m becoming a young man again, maybe I should get me a job and go to work. “What do you think Bella?” “If that’s what you want dear…you know you always enjoyed the Natural Science field.” “Why don’t you give it a try?” “And we can live off of your current retirement as a Nobel scientist until you get up in the field.”

As Mortimer ran to the phone, he was as excited as if it were his first day on the job….which in reality, it would be! There was an opening at the bottom of the rung as rat keeper but Mortimer knew with his love for Science, it would be no time before he started climbing the ladder to a better job. He was to show up for work the next morning at 8:00 sharp.


The months began to fly by as the Goth family settled into their new life together. Mortimer and Bella renewed their vows and made the society page of every newspaper around. Cassandra had a heart to heart talk with Don and he pledged his love all over again. He also agreed to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. (This made Mortimer happy!)

One evening he called up the whole family and invited them over to his condo. When they arrived, they found that he had decorated the whole place for a wedding. As all of their friends and family began arriving, Cassandra was so happy the tears just started pouring! After enjoying the party for awhile they stepped under the wedding arch and recited their vows to each other.

The only problem was, in Don’s excitement to marry Cassandra he had forgotten about women’s jealousy. Don invited all of his friends….even the women that he had been having affairs with. After they were married Cassandra leaned in & kissed her new husband. It was like a bomb went off! Kaylynn Langerak & both Caliente sisters ran up & started slapping the taste right out of Don’s mouth! It would seem that Cassandra wasn’t such a pure virgin either because Darren Dreamer ran up & slapped her but good too! As they were making a run for the limousine, someone shouted out “What a GREAT party!”


Bella was settling into her married life again as if she’d never been gone. She always had a hot supper on the table waiting when Mortimer came home from work. She taught Alexander how to study and helped him with his homework all the time. Her proudest moment was when he came running in shouting that he got an A+ report card! What an achievement for a little guy.

Bella woke up late one morning. Mortimer had already gone to work and Alexander had caught the bus to school. As she made the bed and headed for the shower, she felt so sick. Hopefully, it wasn’t the dinner that she had cooked last night. If so, Mortimer and Alexander were in for a long day. No sooner had she thought those words than she had to run to the toilet to throw up. Maybe if she got a little something on her tummy….after she ate, it was the same thing, run to the bathroom to throw up. This went on all day.

By the time Mortimer got home, Bella was miserable. Mortimer immediately called the Dr. He helped Bella upstairs to bed and held her hand as they waited for the Dr. to get there. After Bella had been examined, the Dr. asked her some personal questions and then ran a couple of tests. He said he would call her with the results but to stay in bed and rest until she heard from him. Mortimer was so worried that he was almost wearing a hole in the carpet from pacing back and forth. Alexander had done his homework and was quietly playing in his room so as not to disturb his mother. Needless to say they went to bed that night more worried than they had been in a long time.

The Dr. called the next morning and gave Bella the results of the tests he had run. “Bella my dear, it seems you are going to become a mother again.” “Congratulations!” “You are about 2 months along; this sickness shouldn’t last too much longer.”

Bella immediately called Mortimer at work to tell him. He was so excited! They were going to have a baby after all these years. They were really getting to live their lives over again it seemed! As Bella called family and friends and spread the news, she was so happy that the sickness didn’t even seem to faze her anymore.


Bella waddled across the floor holding her stomach. She didn’t remember being this big with either Cassandra or Alexandra. She felt HUGE! Mortimer tried to reassure her but Bella had gotten to the miserable part of her pregnancy and she refused to feel better until she was holding her baby in her arms!

Almost as if on cue, a pain doubled Bella over! She shrieked in pain and Mortimer started to run for the phone to call the Dr. “Mortimer, there’s no time….HELP me!” As he rushed back to Bella, she handed him his son and then promptly doubled over in pain again. “There’s another one, Mortimer”, she screamed as she caught their daughter. “We have twins, Bella?” “Yes dear, one of each.” “What a way to round out our family, huh?” “What shall we name them?” “Well, what about Michael, after your brother?” “But what do we name this sweet little girl?” Bella thought for a minute. “What about Michelle?” “It goes with Michael and they are twins.” “Perfect,” said Mortimer.

So, Michael and Michelle joined the Goth family. Bella did over Cassandra’s old bedroom into a nursery for the little ones. They could move Michael into Alexander’s room later on. Of course once Alexander went to college the bedroom would become Michael’s anyway but for the time being the twins could share a room.
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Re: The Goth Family...Take 2?

Postby lindawing » February 14th, 2014, 1:11 am

Another neat story! I really like your writing style, Patty!
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