Hillcrest Save

I (lindawing) made this world for Wendy (and for us, her loving friends) shortly before she passed away. She got to see it, but never got to play it. The world only contains subway lots, but there is a space for every Sims 3 lot that Wendy had on her website (all of which can be downloaded here, in the Sims Real Estate forum), and also space for the tribute lots we created for Wendy before she passed away. This is a public forum.

Hillcrest Save

Postby lindawing » May 15th, 2014, 2:30 am

This save of Hillcrest includes all our tribute lots, but NOT Wendy's last lots. If you are a registered member, you can download those lots or the save that includes them, HERE.

I got a little bit creative with World Editor and made sure there was a place for everything, even though 10 Hillview Lane has to use the lot I had originally intended for the salon, in the Heights North. I designated a salon lot down in one of the other areas, but it can go on any of the many available community lots.

I was able to change the hedge around the Beech Close area to allow 5 Beech Close to be placed within the confines of that area. It doesn't go completely up against the sidewalk there, but it's close enough, and looks good.

The other lots are scattered around in the other areas, on lots that were the right sizes. For a couple of them, I had to delete the original placeholders and place new sizes in World Editor. This save loads correctly from the corrected Hillcrest map.

If you hover over the blank residences in this save, you'll find the right places to place Wendy's last lots if you download them, or you can get creative with World Editor yourself. Or you can just download the other save as shown in the first paragraph.

Wendy is also in this save. Her nightgown is using the tribute pattern that Carrie recently made for her. She lives in Pleasant View.

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