Lots Corrected for Hillcrest

I (lindawing) made this world for Wendy (and for us, her loving friends) shortly before she passed away. She got to see it, but never got to play it. The world only contains subway lots, but there is a space for every Sims 3 lot that Wendy had on her website (all of which can be downloaded here, in the Sims Real Estate forum), and also space for the tribute lots we created for Wendy before she passed away. This is a public forum.

Lots Corrected for Hillcrest

Postby lindawing » May 5th, 2014, 3:11 am

Because Wendy created her lots in many different worlds, they don't always all fit into other worlds (as we've seen so many times with TS3 lots over the years).

This topic contains lots that I've installed into Hillcrest in my game, that I've corrected to fit correctly into that world. If you have problems with an original lot of Wendy's that you've downloaded, you may find a corrected lot here, to replace it. Keep in mind that lots corrected to work in Hillcrest may or may not work in other worlds. For instance, her Juniper Ridge lots were created to work correctly in The Middle of Nowhere, but the land there isn't all flat. Most of the land in Hillcrest is flat, so I've corrected those lots specifically to work there. You'll still need her original lots to work correctly in TMON.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have NOT corrected lots that JUST have trees that have gone partly underground. That has been happening for about half the TS3 game, if some trees or bushes are placed with "moveobjects on." They don't usually go entirely underground, and it usually only happens if there is either a swimming pool (or spa) or basement on the lot, as well. Once you go down into those areas, the trees can easily be popped up by going back above ground and allowing the trees to settle WITHOUT "moveobjects on." They may have to be moved a tiny bit to one side or the other. I HAVE fixed lots that have OTHER things wrong with them, that ALSO have trees partly underground.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I may have missed some lots, here, that need to be corrected from Wendy's original lots, because I've been installing the lots from saves I already have on my computer. I corrected some of them, before, for my own use, and neglected to change their names so I'd know which ones those were. If you have a lot that needs correcting and you don't find it here, just use a Reply form, and ask me to fix it for you if you need, and I'll be glad to do so. Also, if you correct a lot by yourself, that hasn't been found in this list, will you please let me know, and I'll upload the lot from my game here, so others may find it. Thanks!

3 Aqua Way was originally created for Monopoly. It was one of the ones that had disappearing lots back when we released the original TS3 Monopoly Board. The bushes and trees that disappeared in it, were unrecoverable. I've fixed the lot and it now contains the intended bushes and two trees in the back yard that were previously missing. This lot goes into Farm Corner.
(2.45 MiB) Downloaded 49 times

Juniper Ridge 01, 03, and 05 all were created on not-totally-flat lots on a hillside (in The Middle of Nowhere). Those lots have all had their land flattened to fit correctly in Hillcrest. Wendy also uploaded a corrected 5 Juniper Ridge that is on a flat, slightly large lot, with a fence around it. That one is also plotted to go into Hillcrest, right behind Juniper Ridge 05. These lots have their own little subdivision in Farm Corner.
(2.24 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

(2.75 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

(3.38 MiB) Downloaded 43 times

The Science Lab was created for Monopoly. The original lot had four spawners in it that you may not want there. Wendy thought she had the lot fixed to be without spawners, but two remained behind. Every time a lot with spawners on it is turned and/or moved, it lays down more spawners. So I have totally removed the spawners from the lot. Also, some of the bushes and trees had gone underground. I've corrected that. When I installed the corrected lot in Hillcrest (in Cherry Tree Corner), it worked as it should.
(1.42 MiB) Downloaded 45 times

Valley View (in Cherry Tree Corner) was created for France. It comes with the special mailbox from there, which now shows up in regular worlds since a couple of EPs back. In the original lot, that mailbox gets shifted to the back of the lot, but I've corrected that, and it should show up by the front gate, now. If not, you can move it. The stairs show up with white squares at the bottom steps, that say they shouldn't be seen in the game, and that can't be deleted. It's easy to correct that problem. You just have to delete the existing stairs, then UNDO. The stairs replace themselves, and the placement is then corrected. I've already done that for you, in this corrected lot.
(4.04 MiB) Downloaded 45 times

Goutte D'or Vignoble was created for France. It was one of the lots that lost its terrain paints about halfway into the TS3 venue. When I created Hillcrest, I corrected that problem. This lot is located between River Corner and Cherry Tree Corner.

1 Hillview Lane, 2 Hillview Lane, 6 Hillview Lane, and 7 Hillview Lane all had the stair problems. I reset them for all four lots, and raised up a couple of bushes in a couple of the the lots, that wanted to go underground. Hillview Lane is in The Heights North.
(2.77 MiB) Downloaded 44 times

(3.64 MiB) Downloaded 45 times

(1.83 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

(2.14 MiB) Downloaded 43 times

Cinnamon Heights 04, in Heart Corner, needed the ground leveled, and two apple trees added to the side yard.
(3.64 MiB) Downloaded 43 times

1 Sea Side Road, in River Corner, needed the stairs fixed.
(2.72 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

Christmas Tree 2009, in Heart Corner, needed the stairs fixed.
(1.34 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

1 Coral Close had a half-dozen "Bags of Fish" spawners in it (left over from an angler test Sim, probably). I've deleted them. 1 Coral Close is in The Heights North.
(3.66 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

Chestnut Terrace 01 needed quite a bit of re-leveling. It's in River Corner.
(2.39 MiB) Downloaded 43 times

Castaway Island, in Cherry Tree Corner, needed to have the old rowboat reset. Back when Wendy made the lot, the rowboat could be placed in the water and still work (as long as you used "moveobjects on"). Now, since Seasons, it cannot be. It sinks under the water. So I moved it so that it's "docked" at the little beach area, by the big rock. NOTE: When you play Hillcrest, an NPC will probably move right into Castaway Island, which works well. If you want your own playable Sim to be there, you'll need to use the testing cheats, Shift-click on the outside of the island, and choose "Teleport Here," in order for the Sim to go anywhere else...or build a little bridge. :yeah:
(928.26 KiB) Downloaded 43 times

Brookhaven (The Heights North) needed the stairs to be fixed.
(3.88 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

Regent House, in Cherry Tree Corner, had extra fish spawners in the ponds.
(3.1 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

Riversend had the stairs problem, and a few sunken bushes.
(4.22 MiB) Downloaded 45 times

Plum Cottage (The Heights South) is one of the lots that I corrected before. It was impossible to get the lot to be completely flat. I settled for grading the edges of the lot so the house is on a slight rise. I also raised up the pine tree at the left front that couldn't decide whether to stay above ground or go underground.
(3.44 MiB) Downloaded 48 times

Lavender Cottage, also in The Heights South, was basically OK. However, it had a small basement under the little nectary at the back, that had no access from above, and there were several bushes at the front that were trying to be underground. I took out the basement, after moving the bushes to correct their placement. You might choose to keep the existing one, or go for this one. Either one is OK. You could make the basement bigger and make an exterior set of stairs to it if you wanted to, and just pop the bushes up yourself.
(3.79 MiB) Downloaded 46 times

5 Wellspring Driveneeded some leveling, & I moved a couple of spawners out away from the house just a little.
(3.94 MiB) Downloaded 43 times

9 Wellspring Drive had six extra butterfly and beetle spawners, which I removed.
(4.34 MiB) Downloaded 45 times

OK! That's all the lots that I found to correct while placing them in my saved game. As mentioned above, there may be others. Please let me know if you find one that needs to be listed here. Thank you.
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