Hope Springs Save Game Files

The town of Hope Springs is located along the coastline and is nestled amidst a mountain range. Its residents value beauty and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, including spending time with family, friends, and nature. Peace, joy, hope, love, and tranquility reign here. Attracted by all the many flowers surrounding the homes, many butterflies also make their homes here. (Dedicated to Hillcrest 1414). This is a public forum.

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Hope Springs Save Game Files

Postby Meadow9259 » February 28th, 2014, 9:36 am

All of these save game files require all EPs and SPs up to and including Pets and game version 1.26 or higher, unless otherwise stated.

You must download and install the Hope Springs world package file separately before you can use any of these saves. All save games have currently been created using Hope Springs v1.00 Empty as their base worlds.

The contents of these files should be unzipped within a folder within this directory (for users of Vista or Windows 7) C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves\ or the appropriate equivalent directory for Windows XP or other OS.

Hope Springs Save Game vFLW0.01 (Temporary) - World with all of Wendy's lots
Hope Springs Save Game vRTP0.01 (Temporary) - Basic ready to play world with 43 of Wendy's homes, her 4 community lots, and basic community lots
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