GGG--The Underwater Challenge

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GGG--The Underwater Challenge

Postby lindawing » September 1st, 2018, 1:48 pm

I found this survival map while searching for 1.13 challenges (see the download link below). I had actually played the previous version, that has a link on the download page, so I jumped at the chance to give this version a try. I started playing, and realized that I'd like to do an LP for it, so here we go.

The following TIPS, RULES, and CHALLENGES will be found when you spawn inside the base, but I've typed them up for my own convenience, so I'm sharing them here, in case you would like to give this a try, also:

- Use doors and sugarcane to create air pockets under water.
- Light up dark areas with torches so that hostile mobs won't spawn.
- Don't destroy monster spawners, as they will become useful later on.
- Don't kill any zombie villagers you find, as they can be turned back into regular villagers.
- When swimming, go into F5 mode, so you can see the cool animation. Trust me, it's really satisfying.
- (Added by me) Understand that this challenge goes OUTSIDE of the Dome/Base, as well as underneath it.)

- You are NOT allowed to build or go above water level...not EVEN going up for air!
- This challenge is meant to be played in Normal mode.
- You ARE allowed to expand your new home (the Dome/Base).
- Don't CHEAT, unless you really have to.
- Make sure to have FUN.

- Capture a pufferfish in a bucket.
- (Added by me) Collect all of the tropical'll understand why, once you begin.
- Mine and collect a coral block.
- (Added by me) Create coral a different way.
- Get a pet.
- Make a conduit.
- Hatch your very own turtle egg.
- Create a forest (the original words were RE-create...that may be different than what I interpreted.
- Kill all hostile/bad mobs (Added by me...except for zombie villagers, as per the TIPS).
- Hug a creeper. (Added by me...?)
- Receive a trident by killing a drowned.
- Befriend a dolphin by feeding it a fish.
- Loot three shipwrecks (Added by me...take every bit of the ships back to the base).
- Make all colored wool.
- Find all hidden chests (Added by me...he didn't say how many there are).
- Enter the nether (Added by what comes naturally there).
- Reach bedrock (Added by me...I guess that means in either the overworld or the nether).

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Download the Map Created by NINJACAT002 ... -challenge

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Link to my Playlist for the Entire Series... ... VK&index=2
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