GGG--MHC-August 2018 (Aquatic Challenge)

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--MHC-August 2018 (Aquatic Challenge)

Postby lindawing » August 3rd, 2018, 3:19 pm

The Standard Rules Video (by Michael Deering):

July 2018 Announcement Video (by Bakerbelle Games):

Challenge Rules:
Standard Rules Apply
World Type: Large Biomes
Aquatic Challenge!
Seed: 2580
Structures: ON
Large Biomes
Objective: Explore and showcase new aquatic stuff.

Nine Upload Dates in August:
08/03, 08/06, 08/10, 08/13, 08/17, 08/20, 08/24, 08/27, 08/31

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Link to the Full Playlist... ... I6nwsEzmAT

NOTE: There will actually be 10 videos. The first one is a FAIL of Day 0 play.
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