I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.


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While thinking about starting my "Are We There Yet?" series, I began also thinking of the server world that my friends and I from Neighborly SimsCraft ( began, back in 2013. We began in Minecraft vs. 1.6.1, with this world that I created (on an MCProHosting server) until sometime around 1.7.6, I think. Then we carefully backed up this world and moved on to our NSMC02 world. We did some things on that world, and I may do some tours from it, later on, but by that time, things had been changing a lot in many of our lives, and we just never got very far with building that server up.

At any rate, I thought some of you who used to play on the server (and I'll be contacting those whom I can), and some who are just interested in a series about "growing up in Minecraft," would like to see my memories of some of the times we had on the server.

If I make any mistakes about who made what, or misstate anything about the world, those of you who are in the know, please feel free to add comments during the series. I look forward to hearing from some of you with whom I've grown out of touch to at least some degree. :-)

Also, if any of you who are now YouTubers yourselves, would like to do a collaboration of any special part of this world, I can upload the recombined world (I had to add the Nether (DIM-1 folder) and End (DIM1 folder) parts back in, because the backup from the server came with them separated out), and then you could go through your own part(s) of the world and make your own videos to add into the series as numbered Episodes, with your own credits on them.

There's one thing I would like to know, also. I DO have the End folder reconnected, with five identified regions, which means somebody actually went TO the End while working in this world, which I didn't know (or don't remember, at least). I have a HUGE spreadsheet of all the places we had shared in our map room, with others that I had added myself that may or may not have been in the map room. However, I have NOTHING in any of those old records, that tells me someone went to the End. I vaguely have a memory, perhaps (or it might have been from the second world) that maybe Lydia, Deb, and Angel were talking about going there, but...that's it. SO...I have no idea where the existing End Portal (if one really was identified at some point) is! I know the End will have changed immensely since we were last in this world, but as long as I have the connection added into the world files, which I do, at least the first portal should be there, just as it was left. So please let me know, if you know...

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Episode #1...
Learning How to Not Be NOOBS

Episode #2...
Welcome Back to TORCH CITY! :-)

Episode #3...
Finishing Up at Spawn Town

Episode #4...
Holsinger Keep...Reminder to Self...Find the Holsinger Nether Portal and relight it!

Episode #5...
Ethan's Small Town & Steph's Place

Episode #6...
Catnip Cove
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