GGG--MHC-March 2018 (Custom World)

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--MHC-March 2018 (Custom World)

Postby lindawing » March 2nd, 2018, 9:30 am

The Standard Rules Video (by Michael Deering):

Special Custom Challenge Rules:

World Type: Customized
Seed: 1000
Standard Rules Apply For Everything Besides the World Itself

You are surveying planets in distant star systems. Something goes wrong with your engines and the A.I. announces that the antimatter containment field will be breached in 10 seconds. You barely have time to get to the escape pod before your spaceship explodes. The pod enters the atmosphere of the nearest planet. The atmosphere is thicker than it was designed for and the pod splits open too high. You barely survive to get low enough to pull the chute handle. By accident you pull the lanyard on the radio and it goes flying. The chute opens and you make it to the surface safely. You know that in 10 Minecraft days the rescue shuttle will land to pick you up, but it can only wait 10 minutes for you because it has to rendezvous with the mother ship who is not stopping due to fuel costs. You have to be at the pickup coords or be stranded on this planet for the rest of your life. The pickup coords are being broadcast continuously on the AM band, but your radio is who-knows-where probably smashed to bits. Then you remember the survey report for this planet lists all the materials you need to build a Crystal Radio Set. You also remember the report said that on this planet all the ores are high up, not deep in the ground like most worlds. The coal starts at Y120 and goes up. The iron, gold, and diamonds even higher. You open the survival manual and look at the schematic for a Crystal Radio Set ( You have 9 Minecraft days to build it, or be stuck here forever.

Minecraft Blocks for Crystal Radio Set...
Jukebox = Crystal
Gold Block = Diode
Polished Andesite = Capacitor
Iron Bars = Resistor
Rail = Coil
Stained Glass Block = Variable Capacitor
Redstone Lamp = Antenna
Farmland = Ground
Redstone Dust = Wiring

Custom World Preset (Provided by YouTube's Bad Senator)...


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The YouTube Playlist... ... QTAm8WRdnu
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