GGG--MHC-January 2018 (Escape!)

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--MHC-January 2018 (Escape!)

Postby lindawing » January 1st, 2018, 10:35 am

The Standard Rules Video (by Michael Deering):

Challenge Rules:

Large Biomes
Structures: ON
Seed: 2465
Coords: (128, _____ ,-354)
Standard Rules Apply

Backstory: The villagers are tired of being attacked by zombies and want to move to the Nether. They have collected some materials for a portal, but they don't know how to make it, or what to expect when they go through.

Mission: Build a livable, safe home for the villagers, in the Nether, and move them in. They require houses and farms, and enough doors to raise a family. It's a dangerous mission. Try not to lose too many villagers in the process.


- - - - - - - - - -

Episode #1...
Happy New Year!

Episode #2...
What? Another Village?

Episode #3...
Into the Nether!

Episode #4...
Finding Stray Villagers

Episode #5...
Beginning to Build in the Nether

Episode #6...
Getting Ready for Villagers

Episode #7...
Villagers to the Nether!

Episode #8...
Villager Manipulation

Episode #9 (FINAL)...
End of the Nine-Day-Series, but Watch for a "Proof-of-the-Pudding," Aftermath (Episode #10)

Episode #10 (AFTERMATH)...
Proof of the Pudding
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