GGG--Base Race-December 2017--Christmas Past

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--Base Race-December 2017--Christmas Past

Postby lindawing » December 12th, 2017, 10:57 am

Information/Instruction Videos by Edd Case of TheMobCave:
(December Backstory: Christmas Past)
(December 2017 Anouncement)
(Edd's Ep0 for December 2017)

- - - - - - - - - -

Episode #1...
Playing Time: 25 min: 19 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 25:19)

The Spark of Life--What a Difference a Touch Makes!

Episode #2...
Playing Time: 20 min: 12 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 45:31)

BOGOF--Steak & Leather Armor--What a Bargain!

Episode #3...
Playing Time: 23 min: 12 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 68:43)

Time definitely flies when you're having fun!

Episode #4...
Playing Time: 16 min: 31 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 85:14)

I will not use my spark on the ice under my feet. I will not use my spark on the ice under my feet. I will!!!

Episode #5...
Playing Time: 24 min: 30 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 107:44)

Blazes to the left of me...Lava to the right of me...Lava in front of me...Blazes behind me...

Episode #6...
Playing Time: 21 min: 17 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 129:01)

Tangled Webs and Fiery Minions

Episode #7...
Playing Time: 19 min: 37 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 148:38)

Redstone and Bones...Redstone and Bones...Where they are hiding, I'd sure like to know!

Episode #8...
Playing Time: 24 min: 10 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 172:48)

Redstone & Bones!!!

Episode #8 (FINAL)...
Playing Time: 22 min: 39 sec (Goal: 160 min) (To Date: 195:27)

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
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