GGG--Base Race--September 2017--Nostalgia

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--Base Race--September 2017--Nostalgia

Postby lindawing » September 9th, 2017, 7:11 am

Information/Instruction Videos by Edd Case of TheMobCave:
(September 2017 Anouncement)
(Edd's Ep0 for September 2017)

Episode 1...
Playing Time: 27 Minutes, 15 Seconds (to date: 27:15)

Out the door and into the arms of a PIRATE! Whoa...what?!

Episode 2...
Playing Time: 27 Minutes, 02 Seconds (to date: 54:17)

Oh! My! Gosh! Very exciting discovery!

Episode 3...
Playing Time: 19 Minutes, 30 Seconds (to date: 73:47)

I hate to "eat and run," but I really don't have time to dilly dally in the Stronghold, unfortunately.

Episode 4...
Playing Time: 19 Minutes, 53 Seconds (to date: 93:40)

The Wizard gives me a fun ride!

Episode 5...
Playing Time: 18 Minutes, 11 Seconds (to date: 111:51)

I think I need a GPS mod!

Episode 6...
Playing Time: 20 Minutes, 01 Seconds (to date: 131:52)

Any other time, a Ghast would gladly stick around to give me a tear, but...

Episode 7...
Playing Time: 23 Minutes, 03 Seconds (to date: 154:55)

Back to the danger of the Stronghold area seeking Redstone and Lapis.

Episode 8...
Playing Time: 20 Minutes, 33 Seconds (to date: 174:88)

A rolling stone will gather no moss, but if you have vines, you can fix that!

Episode 9...
Playing Time: 23 Minutes, 14 Seconds (to date: 198:42)

Oh, wow! I'm aghast!

Base Build...
Ghast Memorial Museum
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