GGG--Base Race--April 2017--Nature

I've gotten interested in creating Challenge and/or Adventure Maps for Minecraft. As I learn more about these and have creations to offer, they will be posted here.

GGG--Base Race--April 2017--Nature

Postby lindawing » April 4th, 2017, 10:17 am

Information/Instruction Videos by Edd Case of TheMobCave:
(April 2017 Anouncement)
(Edd's Ep0 for April 2017)

- - - - - - - - - -

Episode #1...
Playing Time: 16 Minutes, 44 Seconds (to date: 16:44)

Definition of Nature: "Noun...the material world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities." That's exactly what this world is, I think! Even in this first episode, it keeps functioning without my input...except my initial choices! And then there's Eggy (the darling little egghead)!

Episode #2...
Playing Time: 20 Minutes, 47 Seconds (to date: 37:31)

Eggy gets me giggling and helps me become a bit more focused, as I learn to overcome the overgrowth...and my temper...more reliably.

Episode #3...
Playing Time: 21 Minutes, 10 Seconds (to date: 58:41)

It may take a while, but I'm learning to really love my Creeper friends!

Episode #4...
Playing Time: 20 Minutes, 23 Seconds (to date: 79:04)

Eggy told me a story about his humble beginnings...with a quickly-spoken number noted in his ramblings. After checking my footage to be sure of that number, I followed up.

Episode #5...
Playing Time: 22 Minutes, 19 Seconds (to date: 101:23)

Due to Eggy's story of humble beginnings (and some of his earlier "information on the side,") I found...

Episode #6...
Playing Time: 23 Minutes, 32 Seconds (to date: 124:55)

Well, I'm...goin' to the Jungle, and I'm...gonna get Me-e-el-ons.
Goin' to the Jungle, and I'm...gonna get Jungle Woo-ood.
Goin' to the Jungle, and I'm...gonna get lo-o-o-ost.
Goin' to the Jungle, today!
(To the tune of "Going to the Chapel of Love" by The Shirelles)
Yes...I'm that old and more. In fact, I was 27 when it was released!

Episode #7...
Playing Time: 20 Minutes, 15 Seconds (to date: 145:10)

Going in circles doesn't help! Creepers, however, do!

Episode #8...
Playing Time: 23 Minutes, 29 Seconds (to date: 168:39)

Officially over the 160-minute line, but hold on...not quite done collecting! I shall persevere through one more episode.

Episode #9...
Playing Time: 22 Minutes, 55 Seconds (to date: 191:34)

Finally! The chest is full...but no fireworks...what? Oh...whew! Easily remedied, and Bang, Pop, Fizz!!! Wheee!!!
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